Kendall Howell

WSK Daily Rundown 1/4

Kendall Howell

Welcome to the WSK Sports Daily Rundown!

We'll spend some time breaking down FanDuel's 10 game slate!

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Notable Injuries

Here are some injuries to keep an eye on:

  • Mike Conley - Questionable

  • Myles Turner - Questionable

  • Ricky Rubio - Questionable

  • Derrick Rose - Questionable (Upgraded)

  • Kyle Kuzma - Questionable (Missed Shootaround)

  • Robert Covington - Out

  • Markieff Morris - Out

  • Marcus Morris - Questionable

  • Justin Holiday - Questionable (Recently Traded)



Karl-Anthony Towns ($10.6K) and Nikola Vucevic ($9.8K) lead the way at center for tonight's slate. Each have similar ceilings, with KAT coming in as the hotter player. With Robert Covington out for the night, neither team defends at an elite level. Look to hedge between the two high-producing centers, with a slight lean towards KAT's upside.

Center is stacked with mid-value plays, so make sure you get a good sample of each. In terms of matchups, Javale Mcgee ($6.5K), Thomas Bryant ($6.9K), and Hassan Whiteside ($7K) have great matchups, with Whiteside coming in with the best value potential. The Knicks front court rotation could be volatile with Mitchell Robinson's impending return, and Javale has impressed with back to back 30 point performances. Thomas Bryant is dominating the Wizards front court minutes, playing 39 in his last outing against the Hawks. Finally, Whiteside, though inconsistent, has 50 point potential and outside of Bryant, the Wizards struggle to effectively rebound the ball.

There just aren't many value plays at center for tonight's slate with a number of starting centers returning from injury and FanDuel generally being on top of things with pricing. That said, while you can't play two centers, if you're looking for a low-ownership tourney play, Dwayne Dedmon ($5.5) and Alex Len ($5.8) are effectively splitting minutes and each are solid contributors.


Power Forward

There aren't any high-priced PF's on tonight's slate, with John Collins leading the way at ($8.3K). He's a great player, but as far as fantasy goes, he's in a tough matchup against the Bucks and has only exceeded 40 fantasy points in 3 of his last 10 games. His a bit overpriced based on his most recent production. Further, with Alex Len and Dwayne Dedmon getting run, JC only played 26 minutes in his previous game.

There are a number of PF's to choose from in the $6-7K range, but the three that stand out are Jayson Tatum ($6.1K), Jaren Jackson Jr. ($6.3K), Damantas Sabonis ($7K). If Marcus Morris sits with the neck injury, Tatum will see even more touches in an offense that will need his shooting. Jaren Jackson torched BKN for 36-8-2 in their previous matchup, and the Nets are the worst team on today's slate against opposing centers. Finally, with Myles Turner recently breaking his nose (Monday), Domantas could see a bump in minutes against a thin Bulls squad.

With the Wizards primarily relying on Thomas Bryant, I like Bam Adebayo ($4.4) as a value play. He's got 30 point upside and played 24 solid minutes in his last outing. If Marcus Morris sits, Daniel Theis could be another good play at $3.7K. He produced 23 fantasy points in 13 minutes of action against the Wolves in his last game.


Small Forward

Expect to have Giannis ($12.5K) and Paul George ($10.2K) in a number of lineups tonight. Against the Hawks, Giannis is on blowout alert. He'll certainly fill up the stat sheet, but if he gets going and the game is out of hand, his minutes and production will be limited. Paul George, on the other hand, has been delivering at the ~$10K price range. Against the Lakers, he dropped 55 fantasy points and is poised to repeat a similar performance against the Blazers. On tonight's slate, the Blazers give up the most points to opposing SF's.

Out of the solid choices between $6-7K, Justice Winslow ($7K) and Brandon Ingram ($6.9K) have excellent matchups and upside. Since December, the Heat offense has run through Winslow and we've seen his fantasy production increase accordingly. Washington has rangy defenders at SF in Ariza and Jeff Green, but given MIA is bringing back a number of shooters to the rotation, Winslow should have good spacing with which to work. Brandon Ingram's usage has been through the roof in Lebron's absence. With Kyle Kuzma potentially sidelined, look for BI to shoulder much of the scoring load.

Demare Carrol ($5.5K) has seen 25 minutes or more in his last 5 games and has made the most of it. FanDuel has him appropriately priced, but if you're looking for value, he's certainly an option. Given his reemergence as a competent scorer and the absence of ball dominant shooters such as Marcus Morris and Kyrie, Gordon Hayward ($5.7) is a fun value play on tonight's slate. He exploded for his best game of the season with 35-1-5 and the Celtics are in desperate need of a facilitator outside of Terry Rozier. Let's hope Gordie is back to form.

Shooting Guard

Bradley Beal is the highest priced SG at $9.7K, but he'll have his hands full against the Heat. He's the Wizards best player and he'll get all the touches he can handle. But if you're looking to save $1K and want a similar ceiling, look no further than Devin Booker and Victor Oladipo, both priced at $8.8K. Booker has the better matchup against the Clippers, as the game is projected to be high-paced and the Clippers don't defend particularly well. Further, Booker has exceeded 40 fantasy points in 8 of his last 10 games. Oladipo has a similar ceiling and could have his way with the Bulls. While the Bulls play at a slower pace and generate fewer possessions, Oladipo eats on the defensive end of the floor. After losing Justin Holiday, Oladipo will be the primary defender at the point of attack and could really get things going on the defensive end.

According to the data, Khris Middleton ($7.4K) has the best matchup at SG, with the Hawks giving up the most points per game to opposing SG's. He's seemingly bounced back from a rough stretch of games and could get it going on both sides of the floor. Andrew Wiggins ($6.5K) has a nice matchup against the Magic and Tom Thibadeaux isn't shy about giving the SG as many minutes as he can handle. 

With Kyrie dealing with an eye injury, Jaylen Brown ($4.5K) will likely see a nice bump in minutes. Dallas gives up ~28 fantasy points to opposing SG's and Jaylen Brown's scoring ability will be needed tonight at home.


Point Guard

Russell Westbrook ($12.5K) and Damian Lillard ($8.8K) are the best studs on a slate filled with injured PG's. Russ has struggled with his shot, but continues to put up solid FD points. If he finds his stroke tonight, he could have 60-70 point upside. Dame, on the other hand, will have his hands full with the league's best defense. But his usage will be high and he performs well in big matchups.

There aren't many great matchups for mid-value plays at PG. Terry Rozier ($6.1K) won't be as highly owned as he was at his previous price tag, but he'll likely be able to repeat his production against the Mavs. Emmanuel Mudiay ($5.9K) is another person to keep your eye on. His minutes were back above 30 against the Nuggets, and he delivered with a solid all-around game. Look for him to continue facilitating the paltry Knicks offense.

If Rubio sits with the heel injury, Dante Exum ($3.9K) is a great value play. Keep an eye out for the injury reports.