WSK Sports
WSK Sports
Data-driven daily fantasy sports analysis

Data & Services

Our data is aggregated daily using a custom Extract-Transform-Load tool. We leverage both standard and advanced sports statistics, coupled with Vegas and environmental data to provide a complete view at the daily fantasy sports landscape.

In addition to standard statistics (rebounds, assists, etc.) and advanced statistics (PER, usage rate, assist %, etc.), we also capture historical daily fantasy sports output on both major platforms (DraftKings & Fanduel). By maintaining a record of past player performance we are able to quickly identify trends, apply advance analytics, and predictive modeling. Finally, by leveraging statistical measures like fantasy points per minute in addition to historical player performances, we are able to streamline data needs and avoid costly (and often repetitive) third party data sources.

WSK Sports functionality and services include the following:

  1. Lineup optimization driven by advanced math, featuring tailorable inputs and available on a flexible web-based platform

  2. Proprietary WSK player evaluation formulas leveraging statistics and situational/environmental factors

  3. Open-source data procurement/cleansing advice & services

  4. Database hosting for optimization tool, if required

  5. Machine-learning generated player projections

    **In development

The WSK Score

What it is: A single number intended to capture both statistical, Vegas, and environmental factors affecting a player on a given day.  The WSK score utilizes Vegas data (e.g. spread & game total), statistical data (e.g. player fantasy points per minute, preceding 8 games vs season average, season average points divided by current day salary), and environmental variables (e.g. number of days of rest) to create a single number with which to evaluate players. 

What it isn’t:  An excuse to avoid thinking.  The WSK score allows you an objective evaluation of players that are in strong positions succeed based on the underlying statistics and environmental variables.  The WSK score is not intended as a value to optimize, but rather as a filtering mechanism.

How it’s best leveraged:  As an initial player pool filter.  The WSK score is most effective when used to initially limit the player pool, particularly on large slates.  By narrowing the aperture from 300 to 100 players on a large slate, you are able to much more efficiently target your research and identify targets.  Creating a targeted player pool allows peace of mind knowing that players you further target from the pool are in statically and environmentally friendly positions to succeed.

Technologies employed

  • Microsoft Azure hosted SQL Server/Database

  • Microsoft Azure hosted web application used to make our optimizer tool available globally

  • Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 17

  • Tableau 2018.3

  • SAS Enterprise Miner/Enterprise Guide