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Welcome to WSK Sports! We’re proud to offer you the services below - for free. Why? Well, we’re committed to fostering a community of fellow Daily Fantasy Sports fanatics, and contributing to a healthy DFS ecosystem. This is our passion. If you like our services, hit the Donate button below! If you have suggestions on how we can improve, contact us!

Data Analytics

Are you looking for quality DFS data analytics to help you build better lineups? You’re in the right place. Check out our Data Visualizations page for up to date DFS analysis.

Optimized Lineups

Or maybe you want to take things a step further and gain access to our Optimizers. Perfect. Be sure to contact us and we’ll get you set up on our daily email distribution of lineups.



Oh so you’d like more information on slates from time to time? We’ve got you covered. Like we’ve said, we’re not here to be talking-heads. But every so often, we’ll provide you some of our in depth analysis so you can see what kinds of insights and inferences we’re drawing from the data.

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